Nate – The Weather, Punxsutawney Phil, and a little Recap

I am sure you have noticed that the Chapel Blog has seemed quite slim recently. The wonderful, or dreadful, snowy weather, depending on how you look at it, limited us to only 1 Chapel in January.

With our 2nd Chapel of 2011 approaching, the Praise Team and I hope for a snow free February. If Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction is right, we will be having an early Spring.

So, lets recap a little bit. Three weeks ago was our first chapel of 2011. Mr. Campbell talked about the new year and what it means to us as believers. Tomorrow will be our 2nd Chapel of 2011, with only 10 scheduled Chapels remaining (not including Senior speaker Chapels [3] and Spiritual Emphasis Week [possible 5]).

My point is: life moves fast. Breath. Do what you love to do while you can even if it makes little sense because the opportunities you now have will one day fade away. If you are like me, you would already be debating my point. Yes, you’re right, the opportunity you have to worship Jesus will NEVER fade away.

But there is something we as Christians can do while we are living, things we are all called to do. James, the brother of Jesus, talks about a way of life that is honorable to our Father in heaven. He calls it a “pure and faultless” way to live (James 1:27 NIV). As he puts it, Christians need to stand up against the ways of the world, refrain from being polluted by it, and stand up to the apathy towards the “orphans and widows” amongst us. The lowest of the low: The homeless man. The single mother. The dying grandma. The defenseless fetus. The lonely believer. The Dirty and Left Out: Our Immigrants. Our Handicapped. Our Politicans; And that wonderful lady at your church who gets up every morning to pray for your congregation, even for the person who has not been there for 6 months.

We are all called to participate. This weeks chapel is about the injustices that go on around us while we sit and watch, enjoying our passivity. We are not to be polluted by the shallowness of Hollywood, but by the concrete foundation of Jesus Christ.

I hope one day people refer to me as, “that guy who’s polluted with Jesus.”

Yeah! We will Sing to God about our firm foundation Jesus Christ, truly thanking him that it is only because of Jesus that we live. We will Thank our God that he is the author of our salvation, the beginning and the end, the author and perfecter of our faith. And we will Praise God for hearing the cries of the orphans and the widows, the same people we once were, crying out for help, we became part of our glorious Father’s revolution.

– Nate Friend


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